Our Speaker, Alan Jones

Alan has had a lifelong interest in birds. Qualifying as a Veterinary Surgeon from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1970, his initial work in the southeast of England always included birds. In 1985 he established his own practice in West Sussex, and has worked ever since with avian patients. He joined the International Assn of Avian Vets in 1987, and subsequently served on its Board of Directors for three years, as well as chairing its European Committee. He has been a regular attendee and presenter at AAV Conferences in Europe and the US. He joined the Parrot Society UK also in 1987, and served for many years on its Council and currently holds the post of Chairman.

Conservation of endangered parrot species and the welfare of captive parrots are subjects close to Alan's heart. He is keen to pass on information about parrot health, diet and husbandry. Alan is pleased to have been involved with a number of worldwide conservation projects supported by Parrot Society UK, and also in association with the World Parrot Trust. Alan got a chance to see some of these projects up close during trips to Brazil in 2011 and 2016.

Alan is also a keen writer and photographer; he has contributed to many bird-keeping periodicals, and is co-author of the veterinary textbook "Avian Medicine II". After retiring from general avian veterinary practice in 2013, Alan is enjoying more time for these interests. 'Keeping Parrots - Understanding Thier Care and breeding' was published in 2011, and his autobiography 'I believe I can fly - my life as a Birdvet' was published in 2015. Lavishly illustrated books of both Brazil trips have also been produced, with profits going to parrot conservation funds.

Pictures from left to right:

Alan first meets Gary and Carol at Paradise Park n UK

Alan's Book - Keeping Parrots

3rd picture is of Alan in his capacity of an Avian Vet

And, the last picture is Alan's newest member of his family, Alma, the Golden Retriever. Couldn't resist such cuteness!