Our Speaker, David Woolcock will be

Joining us for our next cruise

PLC's good friend, David Woolcock, is back.

PLC's Good Friend David Woolcock is Back As Our Speaker This Year

David, from the beautiful county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom is both a Founding Trustee of

the World Parrot Trust and the Curator of Paradise Park, Hayle, the home of the World Parrot

Trust. www.parrots.org

His work has taken him to many parts of the world where parrots are found in the wild. From

St.Lucia and St.Vincent where David led the team that created the highly successful conservation

education buses that toured the islands; to his most recent journey to Indonesia where he has

been busy working with local partners towards the repatriation to Bali of Mitchel Lorikeets, a sub

species now considered to be extinct in the wild.

The connection between The World Parrot Trust and Paradise Park has been a truly symbiotic

one, not only with the crossing over of skill sets between the staff of both organisations but also

with the captive breeding and avian management skills of the park providing birds for release

programs to the World Parrot Trust. www.paradisepark.org.uk

David is a professional member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators

and has set up a team of first-class trainers at Paradise Park that free fly many of the birds at the

Park on a daily basis. Not only do these free-flying birds provide an amazing spectacle and

educational opportunity to the park's visitors but they also provide a platform upon which many

thousands of pounds have been raised to support the work of the World Parrot Trust and many

other conservation causes around the world. The enrichment program at the park is

phenomenal in its range and diversity and the parks staff aim to give every creature in their care

the best possible environment in which to enjoy life to the full.

During the summer of 2017 David was instrumental in the creation of the WPT Kiwa Centre and

the subsequent relocation of nearly 200 rescued birds to the centre in the autumn of that year.


Although Parrots are a BIG part of David's life, both personally and professionally, he is passionate

about all species and their conservation. If you travel to the Island of Jersey you will discover a

population of a species once extinct on the island. That species is the Red-billed Chough, a

beautiful and charismatic member of the crow family. A breeding population of thirty-eight birds

now exists on the island - the majority of them either bred at Paradise Park or wild bred offspring

from those birds. In collaboration with partners such as the Durrell Wildlife Trust, the States of

Jersey and others, this species has now been returned to the wild in a truly collaborative and

groundbreaking program. Real conservation in action. So successful has this programme

been that now two other Chough reintroduction programmes are in the pipeline, one in Kent and

the other in Hampshire in the UK; both of which are hoping to use birds bred at Paradise Park.


David firmly believes that we all have a role to play in the conservation of species and the

preservation of our planet.